Student Reference Sources


Trumbull Public Library: With your library card you can acces a wealth of databases here, including personalized SAT prep.

Points of View: A terrific database with articles from different points of view considering hundreds of contemporary issues. Great for a debate in class or a research project.

Novelist: Looking for a good book?

Librarian's Index to the Internet: This a wonderful resource for finding reliable web sites. Essential Reference Tools: A whole library at your finger tips.

The Internet Public Library: If you're having a hard time getting an answer, this site gives you annotations to dozens of reference sites.


Wikipedia: A grand project to create the world's largest encyclopedia. Anyone can submit an article or information to the Wikipedia. It's truly an interactive encyclopedia and has a tremendous wealth on information on nearly everything.

Columbia Encyclopedia: For quick reference questions.


Merriam Webster Word Central: The most kid friendly.

American Heritage World Dictionary: Includes pronunciation.

Wiktionary: Sister project to the Wikipedia above, this is a dictionary that has been written by its users. A meta-search tool for words, Onelook searches 900 online dictionaries-- especially helpful for those obscure words.

Merriam Webster: The grown up version.


Roget's Thesaurus II: Easy to use. Also good.

Reverse Dictionary: Cool idea. You type in the concept you're trying to get at, and it gives you the words.

Atlases and Almanacs

MapQuest: Road maps and more for the entire country.

Google Maps: Road maps and detailed satellite photographs. Find your street and see if your car was in the driveway when they took the photograph.

About World Atlas: Detailed and outline maps of most countries.

Outline Maps: Beautiful outline images of continents.

Information Please Almanac: A standard almanac.


Other Sources Search by author, title, and first line. Includes biographies and essays. Professional Guides create links and content about their specialties. Convert just about anything to just about anything else. Distance, weight, volume, they're all here. Just a little about 25,000 people.

This Day in History: You'll be amazed at how much happened today.

Guinness Book Of World Records: It's not just the book. The videos are very cool.

How Much Is That Worth Today: The cost of living has gone up. Find out by how much.

World Clocks: Discover how fast things are changing. .