Student Support Services (School Psychologists, School Social Worker and the Intervention Specialist) address a multitude of issues that may interfere with a student’s learning.  In doing so, Student Support Services (SSS) combine professional knowledge of adolescent behavior, special needs, program planning and evaluation, community resources, behavior management strategies, expertise in school-based assessment.  The purpose also serves to acknowledge the challenges to learning that students experience from home and to ensure Trumbull High fulfills its mission of educating all students.
SSS are the critical component to enabling an effective educational experience.  Since SSS are not necessarily confined to the classroom, program or part of the building, SSS staff provides an important school wide problem-solving component consistent the philosophy of early intervention.  As a result, SSS work collaboratively to reduce the individual and environmental barriers to learning and student achievement.   
Resources for Parents

Crisis Intervention Specialist 
Mr. Bill Mecca; 203-452-4252

School Psychologists
Mrs. Jacquelen Scifo (A House) 203-452-4219
Ms. Catherine Maclean-Thompson (B House) 203-452-4527
Ms. Maryann Agostin (C House) 203-452-4523

School Social Worker
Ms. Kim Foster 203-452-4253
Ms. Jennifer Penna 203-452-3011
Mr. Vivaldi Demas 203-452-4589